Healthy lifestyle for dogs and cats

Dry Food for Cats

Dry Food for Cats

Our dry food products for cats are rich in animal protein and provide all the nutrition necessary for cat’s optimal health. They are supplemented with taurine and contain natural fibre to help prevent hair balls and have optimal content of fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6.
Cat age
  1. Adult
Style of living
  1. Outdoor
  2. Indoor
Cat activeness
  1. High energy or outdoor living
Special needs
  1. Urinary
Animal Protein
  1. Chicken
Special ingredient
  1. balanced nutrition
  2. calcium
  3. cardio
  4. cell protect
  5. coat
  6. cranberry+
  7. energy+
  8. eye health
  9. fewer hairballs
  10. flora stimule
  11. Mg LOW
  12. omega3
  13. omega6
  14. pH LOW
  15. yucca+
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