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Payment options

Cash on Delivery (COD)

This payment option is currently available in selected areas in the Klang Valley, i.e. Selangor and Kuala Lumpur only. You may make additional purchases on the spot upon accepting the delivery of goods purchased online. Receipt will be provided via email. additional purchases on the spot upon receiving the delivery of goods earlier purchased online. Receipt will be provided via email. 



Mobile Point of Sales (mPOS)

If you prefer to make payment via card, you can opt for mobile point of sales (mPOS) 
You may use your debit or credit card (MasterCard or Visa) to pay when our people make their delivery. A card verification device will be used to securely access your bank for payment authorisation. Once authorised, you are required to key in your pin number. IMPORTANT: Please ensure your pin number is kept confidential. A transaction receipt will be printed out for your record.



You can pay by PayPal method in our website and shop with peace of mind. PayPal don’t share your sensitive financial details with us. And PayPal Buyer Protection covers your eligible purchases if they don’t show up or match their description.

Buy online and breeze through checkout. No need to re-enter your card and delivery details. Pay quickly with just an email address and password, or mobile number and PIN. PayPal stores and protects your details.